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Aircraft Solutions, LLC consists of a group of highly accomplished and experienced individuals who have spent the large majority of their careers in the field of aviation. Our company was formed to serve the needs of other successful companies and high net worth individuals in the acquisition, sale or modification of turbine powered aircraft. 

Our advisory board members play an active role in Aircraft Solutions. The professional, life experiences and canon of all these individuals contribute a wealth of innovative and progressive ideas to our company’s structure.

David Reynolds - Managing Manager

David Reynolds is an accomplished pilot and is experienced in many types of aircraft sales including general, military and corporate aviation. His career covers over thirty years in aviation. David has over 18,000 hours as Pilot in Command of aircraft ranging from J-3 Piper Cubs, F-4J Navy Fighters to McDonnell Douglas MD-80s. He is also a graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun) and holds a type rating in the Boeing 777 aircraft.

In the area of aircraft sales, David has been directly responsible for many aircraft transactions ranging from single engine general aviation aircraft to turbine powered corporate aircraft.

David also has a Bachelors in Business Administration.

If you would like to contact David:
call - 303-570-8390

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