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Aircraft for sale
Aircraft for sale
aircraft for sale
aircraft for sale

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As a company we have over 120 years of aviation experience in completing countless aircraft sales and/or acquisition transactions.  Two key areas of our expertise are:

Global Capability: To the benefit of our clients Aircraft Solutions sells and acquires aircraft not only in the United States but Worldwide as well.  This Worldwide capability is greatly enhanced by our European Division which is not only very familiar with the EASA AOC requirements for the various European member states, but is also extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the African, Asian and Russian market place. Our Worldwide capability is the result of our understanding and familiarity in dealing with the complexities of various countries’ VAT, import/export requirements and other regulatory issues. 

Customer Confidentiality:  Aircraft Solutions conducts all transactions in a highly confidential manner through our vast worldwide network of trusted industry associates who assist our company with the acquisition or sale of “Off Market” aircraft.  

aircraft for sale
2002 Dassault Falcon

2002 Dassualt Falcon 900EX
-12 passenger seats + crew.
-Jump Seat Configuration with Forward Galley.
-Forward Cabin has 4 Chairs in Club Setting.
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