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candace tomsey - Business Administrator

Candace Tomsey is the newest member of our team, and is committed to ensuring that projects come together seamlessly. Her professional Office Management and Sales Support career has given her a wide-ranging and detailed knowledge of the business world. Her Administrative Team supported over 100 Special Agents at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement prior to her 28 year tenure with Embraer Aircraft Corporation.  While at Embraer Candace spear-headed an Administrative Team that supported the delivery of over 800 aircraft with sales totaling over $5 Billion.  She has had the opportunity to constantly hone her skills and enjoys the challenges of working on new projects. Candace’s progressive view of business encourages her to pioneer new ideas in marketing and administration.

She also enjoys sharing her passions and hobbies including the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of 35 horses while VP of Dreamfinder Farms, Inc. – a South Florida non-profit horse rescue organization – from August 2004 through June 2007.  Candace has high expectations for herself and for the businesses with which she chooses to associate herself; she is always striving for the peak in professionalism.

If you would like to contact Candace:
call - 303-881-2780
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