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Aircraft for sale
Aircraft for sale
aircraft for sale
aircraft for sale

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Services - Completion & Modification

The completion or modification of your existing or soon to be acquired aircraft is a complex and time consuming process.

It takes a special array of skills to design custom cabin interior that are not only luxurious and functional but also meet your unique needs.  It takes more than knowledge of furniture and finishings. It requires a deep understanding of the demands of air transport to know what works in the confined environment of an aircraft.

From performance and maintenance upgrades to creating one of a kind exterior or interior appearance, we have the proven talent to oversee any type of aircraft project.  Once you select an aircraft, or identify a need to upgrade or refurbish your cabin space, we conduct a detailed interview with our client to ensure our complete understanding of our client’s needs.  Then, upon completion of interviews with qualified completion centers, we provide to you proposals detailing our recommended completion centers and their associated costs and capabilities relative to your specific project. If desired we will coordinate all professional design and completion services on your behalf.

With over 120 years of experience, Aircraft Solutions, LLC has the skill and the capacity to provide the consulting and management services necessary to complete your project in an efficient and cost effective way. 

aircraft for sale
2002 Dassault Falcon

2002 Dassualt Falcon 900EX
-12 passenger seats + crew.
-Jump Seat Configuration with Forward Galley.
-Forward Cabin has 4 Chairs in Club Setting.
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