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Aircraft for sale
Aircraft for sale
aircraft for sale
aircraft for sale

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Services - Certified Aircraft Appraisal

Our appraisals have included a wide range of aircraft such as turboprops, corporate jets, turbine helicopters, and commercial jets, for both personal and business use.

We offer several approaches to aircraft valuation including "desktop appraisals" typically utilized by lenders to confirm the value of an aircraft, as well as full, comprehensive appraisals of corporate and executive aircraft that involve on-site visits and reviews of documentation.  Our appraisals conform to USPAP standards and our appraisers are members of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association.
Aircraft appraisals are undertaken for many reasons. Some of the reasons you would like to have an aircraft appraised include:

  • To establish the sales price for an aircraft
  • To confirm value for financing an acquisition
  • To determine the current value in a changing market
  • To determine whether or not the asking price of an aircraft you are interest in purchasing is reasonable
  • To determine the net value increase of aircraft refurbishment and upgrade

Aircraft Solutions works in partnership with Aircraft Solutions Midwest, LLC to undertake appraisals of aircraft for individuals and corporations as well as for banks and other aircraft financiers.  If Aircraft Solutions Midwest, LLC could be of service to you, email us at  We will contact you to discuss your request.

aircraft for sale
2002 Dassault Falcon

2002 Dassualt Falcon 900EX
-12 passenger seats + crew.
-Jump Seat Configuration with Forward Galley.
-Forward Cabin has 4 Chairs in Club Setting.
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