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Aircraft for sale
Aircraft for sale
aircraft for sale
aircraft for sale

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Services - Aircraft Acquisition

Helping you select and acquire the right aircraft at the right price requires detailed knowledge, specific skills and a robust worldwide network.

Aircraft Solutions has a thorough understanding of every aircraft on the market and their capabilities.  We know the status of the prevailing market and can provide you with a comprehensive analysis and valuation of applicable aircraft that are available both on and off the market. 

We understand that the aircrafts’ pedigree is paramount. Ownership history, physical appearance, maintenance & damage history along with future required maintenance, will all play a role in our judicious determination of the market value of the most appropriate aircraft for you. 

aircraft for sale
2002 Dassault Falcon

2002 Dassualt Falcon 900EX
-12 passenger seats + crew.
-Jump Seat Configuration with Forward Galley.
-Forward Cabin has 4 Chairs in Club Setting.
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