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Steve Malley - Director Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa Operations

Having been raised on RAF airbases around the world, Steve Malley has spent his entire life around aircraft.  He enjoyed being a civilian airframe fitter on RAF aircraft prior to beginning his career as a UK Customs and VAT inspector.   Steve then applied his 16 years of Customs and VAT experience to the private sector when he joined a tax consultancy firm known as “Tax Advisor’s Tax Advisor”.  Initially, to the benefit of aircraft and yacht owners, he specialized in the creation and formation of tax efficient ownership structures. Then in 1997, as a Director of the company, Steve expanded the business to include Wealth Management of High Net worth clients who owned, in most cases, aircraft and yachts.
In 2003 he joined the Intertrust Group, a Fortis Bank subsidiary.  While there he created and developed their yacht and aircraft team, then expanded it in 2004 when he recommended and assisted in development of the Fortis Yacht and Aircraft Finance Team.  The team proceeded to finance dozens of large aircraft over the next 5 years.  This service was provided together with the structuring of the ownership, registration of the aircraft, and administration of aircraft owning companies.  Steve left Fortis Intertrust in late 2009 to pursue his own path in the aircraft industry. 

Steve brings to Aircraft Solutions a significant history in High End Wealth Management and innovative Financing and Development skills to create tax efficient structures benefiting those who own and operate business jets. 

If you would like to contact Steve:
call - +44-7715-420908

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